Convection Ovens 

30 Series

Turbofan E32T5/P12M - Half Size Sheet Pan Manual Electric Proofer And Holding Cabinet on a Full Size Sheet Pan Touch Screen Electric Convection Oven

Model Number
W: 29.88 in D: 36.38 in H: 69.88 in
Volume: Oven = 20.1, Proofer = 32.1 ft3
Packed Weight: Oven = 231, Proofer = 236 lbs
Product Features
  • Full size sheet pan capacity double stacked Convection Oven / Proofer
  • 5 tray Oven / 12 tray Proofer
  • Compact 287/8" / 735mm width
  • Low unit height 697/8" / 1775mm
  • Side hinged doors (standard LH hinge) with the option RH hinge (field convertible)
  • Dual halogen lamps in Oven and Proofer
  • Convection oven delivers 31/3"/ 85mm of tray spacing
  • Touch screen control panel contains program and manual modes, with an icon driven program menu and up to 5 cooking stages in the convection oven
  • Individual convection oven shelf timers
  • Convection oven has 5 leves of moisture injection modes
  • Porcelain enameled oven chamber
  • E32T5 contains a 2 speed bi-directional reversing fan system
  • 5.8kW oven heating power
  • 27/8"/ 74mm tray spacing in the proofer
  • The P8M has a low velocity circulation fan system
  • Proofer comes standard with a mechanical thermostat and Humidity level control
  • Proofer also comes standard with a cabinet temperature display thermometer
  • P8M comes standard with 4 x 3" / 76mm diameter castors and 2 of the front castors have dual wheel and swivel lock, the 2 rear castors are rigid
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